Publishing Digital Service Assessments

  • 31st January 2014
Publishing Digital Service Assessments

The Digital by Default Service Standard comes into full force in April this year. We’ve been running assessments for a while now, and as with the services we assess, we’re also looking to continuously improve the assessment process itself with the feedback we get from services, departments and assessors.

One of the changes we’re now going to make is to publish all the assessment reports that we do. We’ll also publish the self assessments that departments make on smaller services. This isn’t just because we believe in transparency for the sake of public accountability. We think making the reports open is an easy way for service teams to learn from each other, and to raise awareness of the service standard itself.

Today, the report from the assessment of the Intellectual Property Office’s Patent Renewals service will go up on the data at GDS blog, with more reports for other services to follow over the next few days. After that we’ll be publishing the reports on every assessment shortly after they take place – you can subscribe to email alerts from the data blog if you’d like to be kept informed of these.

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