Some of Serbia’s biggest mysteries


Every country has its mysteries. Serbia has its own, and some of them have never been explored nor has any information uncovered about them.

The first mystery is an ancient fortress called Zrnov. It was located near Belgrade, however, today it does not exist anymore.

“Domino Magazin” learned that the history of the fortress is very rich. Remains of Celtic culture were found there, Romans had a fortress on the same spot. It was conquered by Turks in 1442 and additionally expanded it.

Monument to Unknown Hero

However, the magazine writes, King Alexander destroyed the fortress so that a Monument to the Unknown Hero could be built at its place in April 1934. It is interesting that there are stories that the man who built the monument, artist Ivan Mestrovic, was in fact a mason, and it has always been suspected that King Alexander himself was also a mason.

The reasons for the destruction of the fortress and the new monument filled with masonry symbols have remained unknown to this day.

Another mystery is mountain Rtanj. The mountain is located in central Serbia, and if you look at it more carefully, you could see that the mountain has the shape of a pyramid.

Photo: Wikipedia | Author: CrniBombarder!!!

Although this might be nothing more than a coincidence, Artur Clark, famous writer of science fiction, believed that a pyramid is hidden beneath the mountain, and that it is the oldest creation of the alien civilization.

Another theory is that there is a treasure buried under the mountain. So there is another legend, the magazine writes, about a wealthy trader who buried his treasure on the top of the mountain. After his death, his wife built him a small church, but it was destroyed by people who tried to find the legendary treasure there.

Third mystery, but in no way less interesting, is the Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan. Beneath its walls Kalemegdan hides two mysteries that have occupied many researchers and archaeologists.

The first mystery is the Roman well. The well is not Roman, but Austrian and it was built in the period 1717 – 1731. There was a legend that a treasure is hidden somewhere in the well. There were attempts to explore it, but without success.

The second mystery are its long lagums. The hallways are so long that they have never been explored to their full extent.

It is rumored that one of the lagums has an underground lake. The biggest mystery is the lagum allegedly connecting Kalemegdan and Gardos. Even though archaeologists say that this is only a legend, there have been rumors for decades.

However, one of the greatest mysteries related to Serbia, and the most famous in the world are – vampires.

Wikipedia | Screenshot from “Internet Archive” of the movie Dracula (1931)

The first reports on vampires in the Balkans surfaced sometime in 18th century. The first mention of vampire was in the paper “Vossiche Zeitung”, published in 1725. At the time, it was spoken about certain Petar Blagojevic from the village of Kisiljevo. The man died, and after him ten more people died in the next 24 hours. Government has sent doctors from Vienna and discovered that Blagojevic’s body did not start to rotten in its coffin, but it looked like as if he died that or previous day. He had blood on his lips.

Villagers stabbed him with a wooden stake through his heart, and according to the legend, fresh blood went from his ears and nose. The villagers burnt his body while the priest was praying. After the act, mysterious deaths stopped.

The most famous Serbian vampire remains Sava Savanovic. According to a legend, Sava was a wealthy man, who wished to marry a girl, but her father did not allow the marriage. Sava decided to kill her one day, and his brother tried to stop him. In the incident, Sava shot the girl in the back, his brother tried to take his gun away from him, but then shepherds came, who beat Sava to death and shot his brother.

After the unfortunate events, the legend says that Sava drank blood of the villagers and killed them near his mill on the river Rogacica.

Some say that Sava is still there, searching for his victims.