• Nipple Dress Diplomacy

    Nipple Dress Diplomacy0

    Kidney stones are a communicable disease in the Trump family. pic.twitter.com/Goyomimrnw — American Space Pirate🌊 ⚪ (@SpacePirateUSA) September 24, 2019 pic.twitter.com/siNsVei89Z — atlas plugged (@lieutenantflan) September 23, 2019 Who’s bigger ? pic.twitter.com/BNZhWTC84q — Methy Anne (@GoP__Botched) September 24, 2019 Will Malaria & Ivanka’s kidneys be willing to fight for Saudi Arabia? pic.twitter.com/fhnLOHxLN0 — Hoodlum 🇺🇸

  • Hand signals and shields: how Hong Kong’s parliament was stormed

    Hand signals and shields: how Hong Kong’s parliament was stormed0

    Young students at the frontlines of the protests in Hong Kong have displayed a flair for innovation in their battle with the authorities With makeshift shields zip-tied to their wrists, a trolley converted into a battering ram and rehearsed hand signals, Hong Kong’s protesters showed remarkable levels of do-it-yourself savvy as they besieged the city’s

  • Eurostat: 52% Srba koristi društvene mreže

    Eurostat: 52% Srba koristi društvene mreže0

    Prema podacima Eurostat-a u Evropskoj uniji 56% osoba uzrasta od 16 do 74 godine koristilo je društvene mreže u 2018. godini. Stopa korišćenja društvenih mreža u EU-u stalno se povećava od početka prikupljanja podataka, s obzirom da je u 2011. godini zabeleženo 38%. Pod korišćenjem društvenih mreža Eurostat uključuje aktivnosti kao što su kreiranje korisničkog

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