Using Simple Diplomacy Tricks to Better Deal With Stressful Situations


Life can throw unexpected curveballs at us sometimes, and for those of us who are impulsive, it can make handling them a bit harder. Resolving arising problems and avoiding conflict can be a difficult task for anyone, as keeping calm in stressful situations can go against our nature. This is why the art of diplomacy is something everyone needs to learn a thing or two about. Implementing some basic diplomacy techniques into your everyday routine can make a massive impact on your life. This won’t only be helpful to you but the people around you as well, making them more comfortable and open when communicating with you. Here are some essential diplomacy skills you can work on.

Manage Your Emotions

Diplomacy isn’t just for communicating with people you like. Often times we find ourselves in situations where we have to be in touch with people that get on our nerves. There are lots of breathing techniques you can look up online that could help you manage your stress while in these situations. Alternatively, you can try yoga and meditation to cool off after the event. If these aren’t your forte then do something to blow off steam. Lots of people take up martial arts to let off pent up energy. Some people even find gambling relaxing so they visit their local casinos or go online to play a few games of poker on websites like

In situations where you feel like you truly can’t handle the person anymore, it’s best to just walk away and clear your head for a bit. Acting out in situations like these could strain the relationship even further and make it impossible to do whatever it is you need to do with that person.

Improve Your Communication

Sometimes we say things that may come off as offensive to others without meaning anything by them. Other times what we say may be misconstrued by others because of the way we say it. This often happens when we don’t take the time to think things through and say the first thing that comes to mind. A good way to avoid this is to always talk about things from your point of view, this way you aren’t persuading someone about how they should feel and act which is a common source of conflict.

If you have a big meeting coming up, or an important conversation you want to have with someone, practice it in your head. Having it play out in your mind once or twice will make you feel more relaxed. You can even go a step further and practice your speech in the mirror or out loud.

One of the most important lessons in diplomacy is that you should know your audience. Adjust the way you communicate depending on who you communicate with, and the situation you’re in. This can also include communication mediums like e-mails, phone calls, etc. Take some time and decide which form of communication is the most appropriate to relay the message.