Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches E-Consulate App

  • 2nd February 2017
Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches E-Consulate App
 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with Telekom Albania, organized the E-Consulate application promotional activity. This application comes in the framework of the MFA reform in the field of consular services.

The E-Consulate application can be downloaded from Appstore and Playstore in any mobile device or tablet that has access to the internet and can be used anywhere, serving as an interactive platform of communication and information for all Albanian citizens, wherever they are. This app includes correct contacts and coordinates of every Albanian diplomatic mission in the world, information on procedures for the legalization of documents, other consular services at home and abroad as well as information on the political and health situation in each country of 181 countries part of the E-Consulate.

It is a portal of direct communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through which you can refer and report to the MFA Department of Consular Service. This application will provide answers to many questions regarding services that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can offer and diplomatic/consular headquarters of the Republic of Albania in the world, thus serving also as a guide for the safety of Albanian citizens who travel abroad.

The consular services’ reform has now entered an advanced stage, where apart from offering a range of secure, transparent and low cost services and avoiding long queues and services per pocket, is moving towards full digitization.

In his address, Prime Minister Rama noted the facilities provided by this application to Albanians living abroad, by reducing costs, saving time and significantly minimizing chances of abuse in the provision of services or information.

Minister of Innovation and Public Administration Milena Harito considered this application as very important, in the wake of reforming public administration services offered to citizens.

In his remarks, Minister Bushati pointed out that the E-consulate application has a dual purpose; it will serve nearly 1/3 of our citizens who live and work anywhere in the world and also be a guide for every Albanian citizen travelling abroad, by offering information on the 181 countries it includes. It is an important instrument, providing the necessary integrated info to tour operators, investment agencies, chambers of commerce, as well as aiding the registration of Albanians living abroad.

The Telekom CEO concluded that Albania is a pioneer in the implementation of digital technologies in public administration services, by making use of modern technology.

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