HOW TO BE A SERB: The First Ever Tutorial

Proud about being a Serb telegraf

Inside every person lies “a Serb”. Whether you’ve visited Serbia, fallen in love with it and its people and want to be just like your Serbian friends OR you don’t live in Serbia anymore, you miss it and want to remember all the knick-knacks that make Serbs so special, this text is here to remind or show you how to live life the Serbian way!

1. Have a cup of hot “domaća/turska kafa” or a shot of rakija to warm up once you wake up.
2. Think about having a healthy breakfast then go on a hunt for the greasiest burek!

burek gastrotubenet


3. As all real Serbs do – pair it with yoghurt.
4. Never refuse to grab a pljeskavica with your “ortaci”.


5. As a rule: Never watch a sports match without beer, friends and a good deal of “TO BRE, MAJSTORE!”.
6. Consider Nole your brother/son.

Novak heavycom


7. When greeting someone always kiss them three times on the cheek – that’s the Serbian way!
8. Raise your children on “Plazma”.

plazma srbija danas

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9. Treat everybody like family, even the person you just met.
10. Be the best and kindest host you can – that’s what Serbs are known for!

Domacin slava

11. Eat bread with everything. Yes, with pasta and potatoes too!
12. Always choose the “kafana” over a club.


13. Dream about going on a vacation and then miss Serbia the second you leave it..
14. Get goosebumps when you hear the sound of trumpets


15. Spread the word about kajmak and ajvar!
16. Even if asked in the middle of the night, know your favourite dishes by heart: sarma, Karađorđeva steak, ćevapi, punjene paprike…

sarma u pola noci

17. When in Serbia, take your foreigner friend to a salaš or čarda so that they too can feel the true Serbian spirit and fall in love with this country.
18. Show them the splendour of Serbian sanctities and explain why Serbs hold them so dear to their hearts.

Serbian sanctity Oplenac panoramiocom

19. Cherish your traditions!
20. Tell everybody how beautiful Serbia is…

Lepa Srbija Ticje polje

21. How its cities hide a rich history
22. How unique its nature is…

Unique nature the Uvac canyon

23. How lovely and beautiful its people are…
24. And, of course, be loud and proud!