The Encyclopedia of Diplomacy




The Encyclopedia of Diplomacy is a complete and authoritative 4-volume compendium of the most important events, people and terms associated with diplomacy and international relations from ancient times to the present, from a global perspective.

  • An invaluable resource for anyone interested in diplomacy, its history and the relations between states
  • Includes newer areas of scholarship such as the role of non-state organizations, including the UN and Médecins Sans Frontières, and the exercise of soft power, as well as issues of globalization and climate change
  • Provides clear, concise information on the most important events, people, and terms associated with diplomacy and international relations in an A-Z format
  • All entries are rigorously peer reviewed to ensure the highest quality of scholarship
  • Provides a platform to introduce unfamiliar terms and concepts to students engaging with the literature of the field for the first time
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