• US soft power

    US soft power0

    Some two decades after 9/11, November’s U.S. presidential election sees two very different visions for the “war on terror.” While terrorism is not the issue it was in 2001, it still has significant potential to influence the campaign in the next two months. The continued scope for politicization of this topic came only when one

  • Israel and its Image After the 1967 War

    Israel and its Image After the 1967 War0

    Even as Israel preserves the geo-strategic strengths of its gains from the Six Day War, the Arabs are disempowered in this Arab-Israeli conflict and the Palestinians are dis-enfranchised, like never before

  • 18 Sep The week in foreign policy

    18 Sep The week in foreign policy0

    The foreign policy headlines have been dominated this week by news that, with the support of America, the UAE and Bahrain have signed agreements fully normalising their relationships with Israel. Whilst the move has been celebrated by some as a historic and extraordinary triumph, The New York Times’ Editorial Board have argued that, whilst this is “on the face of it, a good and beneficial development”, “the agreements…made only a perfunctory nod to what ‘Middle East peace’ has long referred to: peace between Palestinians and Israelis.” They argue that: “A true Middle East peace deal will require an accommodation with the 4.75 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, a people who have been..

  • The purpose of the new FCDO

    The purpose of the new FCDO0

    In the short time since the Prime Minister announced the creation of a new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, my former colleagues in both the FCO and DFID have been working hard to prepare for its launch tomorrow.  But determining the culture of FCDO will be a multi-year task – I was present when DFID

  • UK launches FCDO to combine diplomatic influence, development expertise

    UK launches FCDO to combine diplomatic influence, development expertise0

    The UK today inaugurated Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), merging Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Department for International Development (DFID) for combining diplomatic levers and aid expertise to fight against coronavirus, conflict and climate change globally. On the occasion, the UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who will lead the new FCDO, announced that

  • Ruska meka moć Novi koncept

    Ruska meka moć Novi koncept0

    Poznato je da se moć u politici lako oseti, ali teško definiše. Meka moć podjednako je kompleksna i teško uhvatljiva, ali je u globalizovanom svetu sve vidljivija. Pred kraj prošlog veka harvardski profesor Džozef Naj opisao ju je kao sposobnost efektivnog uticaja u međunarodnim odnosima, uglavnom kroz kulturu, vrednosti i ideologiju.   https://www.rts.rs/upload/storyBoxFileData/2020/06/17/39315186/receno.mp3   Osobina

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