2018 in review: top 10 digital diplomacy moments


Andreas Sandre, medium.com
images from the "best of" list cited in article
It is that time of the year to compile “best of” lists and make an assessment on where we are and where we’re heading.

Year after year, the world of digital diplomacy evolves and adapts quite fast. New trends form, best practices are set, and new actors emerge. However, content and behaviors of world leaders, governments, and political figures tend to overwhelm the news cycle and timelines obfuscate a bit what happens on the policy side of digital diplomacy.
In 2018, social media is still the most visible side of digital diplomacy — a fact that is reflected in this very 2018 in review list: a lot has been said about the use of Twitter by U.S. president Donald Trump; about occasional viral content on social media platforms; live videos and selfies; and new best practices and inspiring moments. This list only mentions a few examples.
But foreign policy, not just public diplomacy [JB emphasis] and diplomatic communications, has seen new momentum, with a renewed focus on tech for good; the techplomacy movement initiated by Denmark; censorship; the role of tech platforms in countering hate speech and terrorism.
As always, your feedback is more than welcomed. Add your comments to this story to highlight other top moments in digital diplomacy and complete this list.
So, here they are! My top ten moments in digital diplomacy in 2018 (in no particular order): …

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