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Established in 2013, Grassroot Diplomat is a diplomatic non-profit consultancy with a mission to make diplomacy inclusive for everyone.
The name ‘Grassroot Diplomat’ comes from the concept of bridging the gap between governments and civil society. Pioneered by Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, Grassroot Diplomat strives to modernise how diplomats operate with various stakeholders, and helps embassies improve their national image by breaking stereotypes and misconceptions.
Our focus is to make diplomacy more visible in the public eye through enhanced public and digital diplomacy [JB emphasis] activities. Value-driven, we believe that the focus for national interest should be on the people, their needs, and recognising their strengths and values. This means recognising countries as a body of real people, not just statistics and resources for the sake of strengthening trade and bilateral relations.
As an independent diplomatic agency, we have no allegiance to any particular government in order to remain apolitical and work with all diplomatic missions, anywhere in the world
Our values
As a non-profit consultancy, we are inspired by our deeply rooted values that drives innovative results. We are passionate to strive forward as a connected world. We enhance leadership so that efficiency and compassion shapes the future. We have integrity where we build trust and reinforce positive engagement through all of our work. We are progressive, where we are committed to and driven by our ideas. Lastly, we are dynamic, energised and effective in our action.
As part of our values, we are unable to take on clients who fall outside the remit of our vision and programmes, and all large projects are funnelled through a strict due diligence process. We believe that sticking to a precise list of clientele makes the work we do special and provides reassurance that we are working to the highest standard of integrity.
Who we work with
We work exclusively with diplomatic missions and citizen diplomats who play a role in the wider scope of international relations.
Primarily as a consultancy, Grassroot Diplomat enhances how embassies communicate both online and offline, including developing strategic communications for mission-driven embassies, as well as creating brands for Head of Missions so that they are better represented and recognised by members of civil society.
We also empower citizen diplomats to involve themselves in international relations with confidence. As part of our innovation, we have created a range of unique diplomatic toolkits to train citizen diplomats to operate fluidly in a multicultural, modern society alongside governments.
What our clients say
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STRATEGIC GOAL: Make Diplomacy Inclusive For Everyone
Recognise that, with the right training, everyone has an opportunity to become an effective diplomat to represent their country at both grassroots and global level. …

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