Found on the web: Place Branding and Public Diplomacy (November 2018)


Place Branding and Public Diplomacy

Volume 14, Issue 4, November 2018

Table of ContentOriginal Article

The interplay between nationalism and public diplomacy: JB emphasis]Examining nationalist publics’ communicative behaviors during an international dispute

Lisa Tam, Yeunjae LeeOriginal Article

When public diplomacy faces trade barriers and diplomatic frictions: the case of the Korean Wave

Hun Shik KimOriginal Article

Key elements in defining Barcelona’s place values: the contribution of residents’ perceptions from an internal place branding perspective

Marc Compte-Pujol, Jordi San Eugenio-Vela, Joan Frigola-ReigOriginal Article

Co-branding public place brands: towards an alternative approach to place branding

Andrea LucarelliOriginal Article

Wonderland in winter and little Europe in summer: a case study on how Harbin promotes its international image

Sining Kong, Huan ChenOriginal Article

Post-place branding as nomadic experiencing

George RossolatosCase Study

Crystallising the Dubai model of cluster-based development

Yasser Al-SalehBook Review

Commercial nationalism and tourism: selling the national story

Alice GraeuplBook Review

Public diplomacy and the implementation of foreign policy in the US, Sweden and Turkey, by Efe Sevin. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-49334-3

Sarah MarschlichOriginal Article