Good journalism is always good public diplomacy

Voice of America report from Paris fails to point out absence of top U.S. leaders. As noted on this site, a text and video report by VOA English News from the Paris Solidarity March on Sunday failed to point out...


How to Prepare for Life After a Career in Diplomacy

ARGUMENT How to Prepare for Life After a Career in Diplomacy We diplomats often identify with our job, and when we leave, we find ourselves confronting an identity crisis — or even loss of identity. By AMBASSADOR CHARLES RAY | NOVEMBER 29, 2020 As ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray met with grandmothers running community projects to help pay for their grandchildren’s education in 2012. Photo by U.S. Embassy Harare. An assistant public affairs officer in the United States Army moonlighting as an arts and theater critic for a local newspaper may be a peculiarity, but with proper authorization, I managed to pull it off back in the 1970s, when I was stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. I also wrote for a state historical society’s publication. One of my crusty old editors advised me to establish a practice of writing at least 1,000 words every day to improve my skills. That habit, which continues to this day, proved essential to a fulfilling post-retirement life decades later. After 20 years..

The art of deception: How Israel uses ‘hasbara’ to whitewash its crimes

The Israelis have long relied on a public diplomacy strategy to dominate the arena of narrative control and information manipulation. As Israel conducts its latest...

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