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    • 23rd March 2019

    78 Days of Fear: Remembering NATO’s Bombing of Yugoslavia

    “The evil, terrible, subversive, cowardly attack by the NATO army on Serbia and Yugoslavia is proof of the neo-Nazi policies of the USA and its satellites. Serbia will defend itself against the aggressor and will defeat the enemy,” Vucic was quoted as saying by RTS.

Digital Diplomacy

  • A Look at Diplocamp 2019

    A Look at Diplocamp 2019

    Digital Diplomacy Conference #diplocampDutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs 🇳🇱 ✔@DutchMFAOn 7 February 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs brought together 150 experts on tech, digital and international relations @NLatEU in Brussels. To discuss the challenges, share practical tools and design solutions around digital diplomacy.

    Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Feb 8, 2019

    USC Public Diplomacy@PublicDiplomacy#Diplocamp takes off! Which topic piques your interest? From #AI to #ImmersiveStorytelling to #ElectionIntegrity and much, much more, the future of #DigitalDiplomacy is here and we want to explore it all. #DigDiplo #PublicDiplomacy @DutchMFA @USC @USCAnnenberg #ascj #usc #PDWeek

    Feb 7, 2019

    Ziad Ramley
    ✔@ziadramleyThis was so much fun! Thanks to everyone at #DiploCamp who attended @NLinBEFeb 7, 2019

    Vince Gonzales@VgonzalesUSCWhat a great day at the Digital Diplomacy Camp. Thank you to everyone at @PublicDiplomacy and all the particip..


Public Diplomacy

  • Communicating Kashmir: Where perception is reality

    Communicating Kashmir: Where perception is reality

    • 18th March 2019

    Samir Saran, Rohit Chopra, orfonline.org
    image and text (not from article) from
    The Indian state’s repeated blunders in Jammu and Kashmir have often been chalked down to ineffective political governance and security policy choices. While this is true, it is also time to acknowledge the colossal Indian failure in articulating a coherent, viable narrative about Kashmir and disseminating it effectively. States seldom secure legitimacy if they are unable to shape opinions, perceptions and more importantly the diverse “assessments of existence” of those that they seek to serve and manage. This is not to endorse an “Orwellian order” in which power is maintained precariously through the threat of punitive action. Rather, it is to acknowledge that political legitimacy resides firmly within the rubric of a public sphere favorably disposed to the political regime. In other words, state legitimacy depends on an effective identification with the state, one that is reinforced by persuasive rhetori..

  • SSANSE Project: Symposium on Russia and China’s Political Interference Activities in NATO Small States

    • 18th March 2019

    Mon. Apr.0820199:00am — 12:00pm6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson CenterDirections to the Wilson Center
    For both Russia and China, foreign political interference activities are a useful and cost-effective method of foreign policy. In Russia it is theorized as “smart power”, while China still uses the Soviet-era term “united front work”. The activities of Russia and China go well beyond accepted norms of public diplomacy [JB emphasis] and are having a corrupting and corrosive effect on many societies. This half-day symposium focuses on Russia and China's Political Interference Activities in NATO Small States. The world is seeing a return of both “might is right” politics and spheres of influence. As history has shown, the weakness of small states in a time of rising security threats can undermine the security of larger powers. The Symposium examines case studies of some representative small NATO states experiencing Russia and China..


Kosovo: What Everyone Really Needs To Know

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  • Élections européennes 2019
    Les élections européennes auront lieu à Belgrade le 26 mai 2019. - Elections / Source : La France en Serbie (https://rs.ambafrance.org) The post Élections européennes 2019 appeared first on Diplomatic portal.
  • Промоција књиге „Помоћ Руса и Русије Србима и Србији“ одржана у Руском дому
    У Мермерној сали Руског дома 25. марта је одржана презентација књиге „Помоћ Руса и Русије Србима и Србији“ аутора Митра Радоњића уз подршку друштва „Русија“ из Новог Сада, чији је он члан. Поред аутора на промоцији су говорили и председник друштва сународника „Русија“ Маријана Младеновић, члан Градског одбора Новог Сада Бранко Паравиња и професор Филозофског […]
  • Одржана међународна премијера филма „Доњецка вратарница“ у Руском дому
    У Руском дому у Београду 25. марта је одржана међународна премијера документарног филма Наталије Батрајеве, „Доњецка вратарница“, поводом 20. годишњице бомбардовања Југославије. На премијери су међу уваженом публиком били представници Амбасаде Русије у Србији, Руског дома у Београду, руски сународници и српска јавност. Након пројекције филма била је дискусија са режисером. Филм приповеда о игуманији […]

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  • Yemen after the Stockholm agreement: perspectives from the Embassy 26th March 2019
    By Guido Lanfranchi. On March 20th, 2019, the Yemeni Embassy in the Netherlands briefed the Dutch press on the situation on the ground in Yemen. The update focused on the state of implementation of the Stockholm agreement, as well as on the erupting conflict in the Hajour district. As the situation on the ground in […]
  • Tunisia’s flavours and music land in The Hague 25th March 2019
    By Guido Lanfranchi. On March 20th, 2019, a combination of Tunisian flavours and music filled the Crowne Plaza hotel in The Hague. A large number of guests, including several Ambassadors, diplomats, and businessmen, gathered to enjoy the night, impeccably co-organized by the Tunisian Embassy in The Hague, the Tunisian Tourist Office, the Diplomat Magazine, and […]
  • The Hague Residentie Orkest Austrian Connection  25th March 2019
    H.E. Mrs. Heidemaria Gurer, Ambassador of Austria. By Roy Lie Atjam. The Austrian residence has become a musical hot spot in The Hague! On 28 February 2019,  the Austrian Ambassador has hosted the Residentie Orkest at her residence. A concert followed, featuring  Kian Soltani, cello and Mario Haring, Piano. This concluded the series of concerts […]
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