Past Trips & Reviews

  • 29th January 2019
Past Trips & Reviews

Israel 2018israel trip-3"Having the additional meetings with local dignitaries greatly enhanced the cultural exchange and educational value of the entire experience." – Israel Traveler 2018"Excellent. Methodically planned as each day built on what we did the day before. Excellent tour guide and driver! Saeed and John were great." – Israel Traveler 2018img 0553Meeting the man who's family has guarded the key to the Holy Sepulchre for centuries.3u0a6082 copyBriefing with Terry Davidson, head of the U.S. Embassy in Israel's Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis]. Other meetings throughout the trip included:- Mayor of Bethlehem in the West Bank
– A Druze woman who explained who the Druze are and gave insight into their history and relationship with the Israeli government
– Director of the American Jewish Committee in Israel
– Mayor of Efrat, a Jewish Settlement in the West Bankimg 0424Exploring the ruins at Masada, an ancient fortress on a plateau by the Dead Sea. …Belarus, Poland, Kaliningrad (Russia) 2018"So many positive surprises in old Soviet era countries, excellent history education of WWII from the Eastern European perspective. Knew little about pre trip, the gourmet restaurants in Poland!…you had to be there!!!!"-C.W. Highlights:-Staline Line, Minsk-Belarus
-WWII Museum, Minsk-Belarus
-Nesvizh Castle, Belarus
-Kosciuszko House, Belarus
-Brest Castle, Brest-Belarus
-Warsaw Uprising Museum, Warsaw-Poland
-Chopin Concert, Warsaw-Poland
-Black Madonna Shrine, Poland
-Krakow Old Town, Kradow-Poland
-Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland
-Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
-Koenigsberg Cathedral, Kaliningrad belarus 2A meeting with the U.S. Embassy personnel at the Embassy of Public Affairs Office in Minsk, Belarus.poland3Exploring the historical city of Warsaw and its museums.belaruskaliningradpoland minskViewing the National Library in Minsk, Belarus, which is included into the list of the most outstanding buildings of the world.
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  • От полиомиелита до ковида. Как США и СССР победили полиомиелит. 24th October 2020
    Как США и СССР победили полиомиелит и что мешает странам объединить усилия в борьбе с COVID-19 в наши дни 24 октября – Всемирный день борьбы с полиомиелитом. В середине XX века эта болезнь приобрела характер национального бедствия во многих странах. Она уносила тысячи жизней, около 40% заболевших становились инвалидами. О том почему идеологические противники — […]
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