• Coronavirus and the long-term threat to democracy

    Coronavirus and the long-term threat to democracy0

    25 Mar Coronavirus and the long-term threat to democracy

    Posted at 12:02h
    in UK Perspectives
    by Flora Holmes

    This week political systems the world over politics have seen a tightening of government-led lockdowns across the globe – from India, to France, to the United States, to deal with the threat of Coronavirus. On Monday, 23rd March, the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in a televised address watched by 27 million that Britons were to only leave their homes to buy food, to exercise once a day, or to go to work if they are classified as key workers.

    Such measures have been wildly popular amongst electorates. Indeed, a poll of 4,500 people by Redfield and Wilton revealed an overwhelming 90 percent of people in Italy, 88 percent in Spain and 87 percent in France support the strict social distancing measures. In the UK, a snap YouGov poll suggested that 93% of the public supports the latest UK lockdown measures – showing how seriou..

  • Opinion: On China, Thai netizens contradict official diplomacy

    Opinion: On China, Thai netizens contradict official diplomacy0

    It was a strange digital flareup. Ceaselessly, and seemingly inexplicably, over an entire night and day, Thai and Chinese netizens took to Twitter to rain insults on each other. Ostensibly, the issue arose over a hapless Thai photographer who, in Thai, wrote that Hong Kong is a “country”. A Thai celebrity, Vachirawit “Bright” Chivaaree, shared

  • ‘Coronavirus Diplomacy’ Won’t Change Serbia’s Path

    ‘Coronavirus Diplomacy’ Won’t Change Serbia’s Path0

    Despite accepting aid from China to fight the coronavirus, the president of Serbia writes that his country is committed to a pro-Western foreign policy. A Chinese expert, right, from the biotech company BGI Group provides training to a Serbian expert at the Fire Eye laboratory in Belgrade, Serbia, on April 20, 2020.(Xinhua/Shi Zhongyu via Getty

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