Communications Lead – Pacific Labour Facility

  • 14th January 2019
Communications Lead – Pacific Labour Facility
JOBfrom Palladium International
Closing date: 25 Jan 2019Project
The Pacific Labour Scheme and the Seasonal Worker Programme are two employment programs sponsored by the Australian government, which allow citizens of Pacific Countries to take up low and semi-skilled work opportunities with Australian employers in certain locations and industries. These programs increase circular labour mobility within Pacific countries, which builds people-to-people links and supports increased economic growth, employment and investment across the region.The Pacific Labour Facility (PLF) facilitates the connection of Australian employers with Pacific workers for both these programs. The facility also provides continuous support to Pacific workers who are taking part in the programs. The PLF will act as trusted intermediary in connecting Australian employers with Pacific workers and in its partnerships with Pacific countries, the private sector and other stakeholders. The PLF is man aged by Palladium on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT).RoleThe Communications Lead will be responsible for developing high-level communication, marketing and stakeholder engagement strategies in order to facilitate expansion of Pacific circular labour mobility to Australia. This position includes strategic communication and public diplomacy [JB emphasis] advice to a range of stakeholders and audiences including DFAT, the wider community, partner governments, industry groups and partners.Duties:Under the direction of the Team Leader the Communications Lead will:A. Communications and Marketing
* Review and regularly update the Communication and Marketing Strategy that is responsive to the emerging needs of Pacific labour mobility.
* Oversee the implementation, quality assurance and delivery of the Communications and Marketing Strategy and evaluate its effectiveness.
* Develop protocols for engagement and communication between the PLF and Whole of Government partners (WoG).
* Facilitate focus group discussions to understand perceptions of the public, approved employers and workers associated with labour mobility.
* Maintain an understanding of industry trends and make appropriate recommendations regarding communication strategy in order to build awareness of the PLS and enhance its reputation.
* In consultation with DFAT, build and manage effective relationships with media outlets and identify opportunities for advocacy.
* Provide leadership and direction to the two Communications Managers, and the Events Manager.B. Public Relations, Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacy* Provide strategic counsel and media advice to internal and external stakeholders (including WoG partners) to maintain the reputation of the program.* In consultation with DFAT, plan, develop and manage the delivery all aspects of strategic public relations, communications, activities and events associated with the Pacific labour mobility.* Provide evidence based content to DFAT to assist in the preparation of Ministerial products.* Work to build the positive reputation of circular labour mobility in Australia and the Pacific, through stakeholder engagement and public diplomacy.
* Establish processes to protect and enhance the reputation of the Australian Government’s PLS and SWP.* Assess the organisational and program risks, the key influencers and media releases, then translate findings into approaches to positively influence perceptions. .* Provide a focal point for disseminating Pacific labour mobility innovation, research, lessons learned and analysis to stakeholders.* Organise and/or represent the Facility at events to increase the public profile of Australia’s labour mobility programs and contribute to international learning; support international representation of staff.C. Client relationships:* Accurately respond to all Team Leader requests and queries in a timely manner, normally within one business day.* Where appropriate, engage directly with DFAT’s public diplomacy teams (Canberra and Post) to ensure PLF is supporting and feeding into DFAT’s public diplomacy efforts, where it is appropriate.Deliverables:
* Review and regularly update the Communication and Marketing Strategy that is responsive to the emerging needs of Pacific labour mobility and delivers on the Facility’s four EOPOs.
* Review and update the Stakeholder Engagement Plan to clarify stakeholder interests, incentives and identify points of tension and process to manage risk.
* Ensure that the PLF is proactively communicating and sharing lessons on market systems development with all relevant DFAT teams including those that are not directly overseeing the PLF.The Communications Lead will possess the following qualifications and experience:Essential* A relevant degree in the area of marketing, communications or journalism with experience in media, public relations, stakeholder engagement; or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education.* Minimum 10 years’ relevant work experience in developing and implementing targeted communications and marketing strategies or public relations.* Experience working on Aid programs and/or Whole of Government (WOG) initiations, and a subsequent understanding of reporting, public diplomacy and representation requirements.
* Demonstrated experience in stakeholder mapping and engagement to create targeted communication and marketing strategies.* Experience in managing communication teams and technical inputs, including sub-contractors.* Exceptional writing and editing skills.Desirable
* Experience in acting as a spokesperson; comfortable and skilled in both broadcast and print media interviews.
* Experience working in the Pacific.This position has been classified as B4 under the Aid Adviser Remuneration Framework (ARF). An initial contract of 24 months will be offered, with option to extend.HOW TO APPLY:Application URL:…Original Article

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