Franco-Italian Infatuation or Recolonisation Strategy? What Future for African Migrants in Europe


Bola A. Akinterinwa [JB — see],
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The current global World Order, put in place by the Western World, is gradually giving way to a new one that is yet to be clearly delineated in terms of principles and rules. The leading superpower status of the United States, for instance, is particularly now under threat to the extent that President Donald Trump now has to ensure ‘America First’ through a manu militari foreign policy. As Donald Trump has brought private business mentality to public diplomacy [JB emphasis] in such a way that he is always bastardising the principle of sanctity of agreements, and thus strengthening opposition to whatever the United States represents in international relations, other countries are also emphasising their own order of precedence: Russia first, China first, France first, etc. …

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