• Abu Dhabi Diplomacy Conference showers wisdom

    Abu Dhabi Diplomacy Conference showers wisdom

    Under the patronage of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the inaugural two-day Abu Dhabi Diplomacy Conference successfully concluded on Thursday. Hosted by the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA), the Conference convened more than 300 thought leaders, international relations specialists, academia and members of the private sector to

  • The Dalai Lama and China’s Quest for Buddhist Soft Power

    The Dalai Lama and China’s Quest for Buddhist Soft Power0

    Rinzin Dorjee, thediplomat.com, October 29, 2018
    uncaptioned image from article
    Religion, particularly Buddhism, is relevant more than ever in today’s China, whose government is expected to invest more than $1 trillion in its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). On one hand, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) under Xi Jinping acknowledges that religion can be used to feed the social vacuum in capitalist China. At the same time, the CCP has not strayed far from the position of Mao Zedong, who whispered to the Dalai Lama during the latter’s visit to Beijing in 1954 that “Religion is poison… both Tibet and Mongolia were poisoned by it.”Under the current leadership in Beijing, China employs Buddhism as a vital asset to resolve both the domestic crisis at home and add soft power to its diplomatic relations. Internationally, the narrative of China’s leadership of the Buddhist world is generated from its heavy investment in building Buddhist institutions in China and its engagements with Buddhist c..

  • SRBIJA 2015    Tviter je bura u lavoru vode

    SRBIJA 2015 Tviter je bura u lavoru vode0

    Društvene mreže omogućavaju da informacija vrlo brzo dođe do korisnika i medija, ali je uticaj interneta u Srbiji minimalan, pogotovu u poređenju sa televizijom. Za razliku od svetskih lidera kojima timovi osmišljavaju kampanje, srpski političari sve rešavaju stihijski i sami Društvena mreža Tviter je, osim za građane, novinare i internet profesionalce, veoma važan kanal komunikacije i


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