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    • 14th Feb 2019

    A Look at Diplocamp 2019

    uscpublicdiplomacy.org Digital Diplomacy Conference #diplocampDutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs 🇳🇱 ✔@DutchMFAOn 7 February 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs brought together 150 experts on tech, digital and international relations @NLatEU in Brussels. To discuss the challenges, share practical tools and design solutions around digital diplomacy. Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs ✔@DutchMFA Feb 8, 2019 USC Public Diplomacy@PublicDiplomacy#Diplocamp takes off! Which topic piques your interest? From #AI to #ImmersiveStorytelling to #ElectionIntegrity and much, much more, the future of #DigitalDiplomacy is here and we want to explore it all. #DigDiplo #PublicDiplomacy @DutchMFA @USC @USCAnnenberg #ascj #usc #PDWeek Feb 7, 2019 Ziad Ramley ✔@ziadramleyThis was so much fun! Thanks to everyone at #DiploCamp who attended @NLinBEFeb 7, 2019 Vince Gonzales@VgonzalesUSCWhat a great day at the Digital Diplomacy Camp. Thank you to everyone at @PublicDiplomacy and all the particip..

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  • Zvanični Tviter profil ambasade SAD u Srbiji našalio se

    Zvanični Tviter profil ambasade SAD u Srbiji našalio se

    Zvanični Tviter profil ambasade SAD u Srbiji našalio se – mi bismo rekli: vrlo duhovito – sa pisanjem pojedinih dnevnih novina i sajtova o tome da su se diplomate srele sa predsednikom Pokreta slobodnih građana Sergejem Trifunovićem i jednom od organizatorki protesta u Beogradu Jelenom Anasonović. “Шокинг!”, piše na ćirilici, a onda “Procureo tajni dokument

  • Cultural Diplomacy conference to be held in Abu Dhabi on February 27

    Cultural Diplomacy conference to be held in Abu Dhabi on February 27

    • 18th Feb 2019

    Afkar Abdullah, khaleejtimes.com February 18

    Image from article, with caption: Dr Kamel Al Mu'aini, president of the International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (IIDC)-Photo by M. Sajjad/ Khaleej Times
    The conference will focus on how the media affect the cultures of the people.
    The International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy announced on February 18 that it will launch its first cultural diplomacy conference on “The Impact of Media on Diplomacy, Security and State Reputation” in AbuDhabi on February 27.
    The conference will see the participation of 21 experts in various fields of politics, economy, culture and media, in addition to university professors, ambassadors, public and security experts from 10 Arab and foreign countries around the world to discuss media issues and its role in the current time.
    Dr Kamel Al Mu'aini, president of the International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (IIDC), said that the conference is a platform for discussing the media issues and..

  • China tells world to ignore Mike Pence ‘lectures’

    China tells world to ignore Mike Pence ‘lectures’

    • 17th Feb 2019

    Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner, February 16, 2019
    Yang Jiechi image from Wikipedia
    MUNICH — European leaders should disregard “lectures” from Vice President Mike Pence and other U.S. officials about Chinese encroachment into Europe, a top diplomat from the communist nation said Saturday.
    Pence — amplifying warnings by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — told the Munich Security Conference that Huawei, a Chinese multinational telecom company, posed a threat to regional security.
    “Chinese law requires them to provide Beijing’s vast security apparatus with access to any data that touches their networks or equipment,” Pence said in his prepared text. “We must protect our critical telecom infrastructure, and the United States is calling on all our security partners to be vigilant and to reject any enterprise that would compromise the integrity of our communications technology or national security systems.”
    That prompted a rebuke, during a question-and-answer session, from Yang Jiechi, a top ..


Kosovo: What Everyone Really Needs To Know

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  • Представление программы бесплатного обучения в России
    В Русском доме 13 февраля прошла презентация программы получения бесплатного высшего образования в вузах Российской Федерации. Потенциальные кандидаты смогли получить подробную информацию о условиях ежегодного конкурса на получение стипендий для бесплатного образования в России в рамках выделенных для граждан Сербии квот, который РЦНК проводит в январе-марте, а также информацию о том, как необходимо подавать документы, […]
  • Представљање програма бесплатног студирања у Русији
    У Руском дому је 13. фебруара одржана презентација о програмима добијања бесплатног високог образовања на универзитетима Руске Федерације. Потенцијални кандидати су могли да добију детаљну информацију о условима годишњег конкурса за добијање стипендија за бесплатно образовање у Русији у оквиру квота, које су издвојене за српске држављане. Конкурс организује РЦНК од јануара до марта. Кандидати […]
  • Сербские старшеклассники в гостях у Русского Дома
    13 февраля РЦНК Общество русско-сербско-белорусской дружбы из г.Смедерево организовало посещение РЦНК для группы старшеклассников и их преподавателей из г.Смедерево и г.Велика Плана. Для учеников это был первое знакомство с Русским Домом. Сотрудники РЦНК провели ознакомительную экскурсию и рассказали о истории создания и работе центра. В рамках визита сербские школьники смогли посетить открывшуюся в РЦНК выставку […]

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  • Mechanism Registrar Olufemi Elias on official visit to Serbia 15th Feb 2019
    Registrar Olufemi Elias. The Hague, 29 January 2019 – The Registrar of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (Mechanism), Mr. Olufemi Elias, will be on an official visit to Belgrade, Serbia, from 29 to 31 January 2019. As part of the visit, Registrar Elias will hold meetings with Serbian Minister of Justice, Ms. Nela Kuburović, […]
  • A Baltic Hike: Lithuania Statehood Restoration Day Celebration 2019 15th Feb 2019
    Sounds from Lithuania by the choir Exicon. By Roy Lie Atjam. The Hague, 13 February 2019, the Lithuanian style  concert was followed by a reception. The occasion,  celebrating  Lithuania’s “Restoration-Statehood “(February 1918) The Lutheran church in  The Hague served as a backdrop for the festivities.The event was attended by Ambassadors from the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Belarus, Kuwait just to […]
  • Philippe Couvreur has stepped down 15th Feb 2019
    Philippe Couvreur has stepped down International Court of Justice. The post Philippe Couvreur has stepped down appeared first on Diplomat magazine.
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