Soccer diplomacy


Mesut Özil, Anja Mittag, Otto Pfister – many German coaches and players work abroad and are viewed as representatives for their country. The 2013 German football ambassador is to be named at a ceremony on May 13.

German football ambassadors 2013

Many German footballers represent their country abroad. The German football ambassador initiative is to honor their involvement and has nominated 11 players for the audience award. You can choose your favorite at

Podolski, Özil, Khedira, Mertesacker

Germany is one of the world’s leading footballing nations and many of its players and coaches work abroad. While plying their trade internationally, they also serve as unofficial representatives of their country. The German Football Ambassador initiative honors the engagement of these coaches and players with annual awards. The football ambasssador for 2013 is to be chosen on May 13.

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