• Most-Read Blogs of 2018

    Most-Read Blogs of 20180

    Most-Read Blogs of 2018

    Dec 18, 2018

    What did 2018 look like for analysis and commentary about public diplomacy? Here are the CPD Blog posts that topped our audience's reading list this year:

    10) Countering Disinformation: The Public Diplomacy Problem of our Time by James Pamment. How can communications professionals counteract manipulation and deception? Pamment offers two guides on counter-influence.

    9) Media Framing of a Diplomatic Insult by Muhammad Ittefaq. An example of how the impact of an incident at an airport can spill over into diplomatic relations.

    8) Public Diplomacy for Losers by Nicholas J. Cull. Why honesty and working with defeat is so important to public diplomacy.

    7) Learning from South Korean Diplomatic Experimentation by Jan Melissen and HwaJung Kim. South Korea's unique approach to public diplomacy innovation offers valuable insight for other nations.

    6) British Council on Evaluating Arts & Soft Power Programming by Ian Thomas. The Head of..

  • Matthias Erlandsen: Digital public diplomacy in Latin America (7)

    Matthias Erlandsen: Digital public diplomacy in Latin America (7)0

    In this episode of The #DigitalDiplomacy Podcast we talk to Matthias Erlandsen, journalist and PhD student of Communication Sciences at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and one of the editors of a recent book on digital public diplomacy [JB emphasis] in Latin America. In the interview, Matt talks about the findings in the book

  • Technology is Changing Diplomacy

    Technology is Changing Diplomacy0

    The world has changed more rapidly over the last 35 years than over the last 350 years. These changes ultimately permeated the world of diplomacy. Diplomacy originated from the deep belly of darkness we call “the dawn of history,” when the stage was set to forgo unprofitable squabbles over land and commerce. Key components of

  • The Encyclopedia of Diplomacy

    The Encyclopedia of Diplomacy0

      Description The Encyclopedia of Diplomacy is a complete and authoritative 4-volume compendium of the most important events, people and terms associated with diplomacy and international relations from ancient times to the present, from a global perspective. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in diplomacy, its history and the relations between states Includes newer areas

  • Meeting Kosovo’s clickbait merchants

    Meeting Kosovo’s clickbait merchants0

    Two weeks ago, I was sitting in a dark bar in a small town an hour’s drive from Kosovo’s capital, Pristina. In front of me, a man was nervously hunched over, his face turned away from the camera. He was a fake news merchant and he agreed – eventually – to talk about how he

  • Article 02- What Is Diplomacy?

    Article 02- What Is Diplomacy?0

    The Term Diplomacy is difficult to define, as there is no universal definition for diplomacy. Broadly speaking It has been defined as “institutionalised communication, among internationally recognised representatives…[who] produce, manage and distribute public goods”(Bjola and Kornprobst, 2013; p4). Alternatively, diplomacy can be defined as “the conduct of human affairs by peaceful means, employing techniques of persuasion and negotiation”(Badie et al, 2011; p1). What is clear is that diplomacy concerns communication between international actors in a networked sphere.

    Moreover, diplomacy is conducted by independent states that enter into dialogue because of domestic policies affecting each other. Eighteenth century philosopher Jacques Rousseau termed this ‘body politic’, whereby a state is “forced to look outside itself in order to know itself”(Watson, 1982; p1). States must therefore constantly be aware of the happenings outside their borders, by engaging in dialogue as “their domes..

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