• Diplomacy dies in darkness: Europe and information manipulation

    Diplomacy dies in darkness: Europe and information manipulation0

    “Information manipulation” or just plain “fake news”? How France is grappling with a very modern threat Whether it is the refugee crisis, Catalonia, or last year’s French and German elections, most European leaders have had to confront the manipulation of information that is central to the post-truth world we now inhabit. France has been especially

  • Article 01: An Introduction to Digital Diplomacy

    Article 01: An Introduction to Digital Diplomacy0

    So what exactly is Digital diplomacy?
    Digital Diplomacy is the use of digital tools by diplomats and by MFA’s (Ministry of foreign affairs) as a new method to conduct their public diplomacy. Digital diplomacy entails the use of digital tools such as social networking; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google + and many other various social networking sites (SNS). The move for MFA’s to adopt digital tools happened when digital technologies began to penetrate every aspect of modern day life which of course impacted the political and diplomatic arena. The digital age saw people shift to online platforms as modes of interaction. The traditional forms of how politics was conducted is changing, and Western and European countries moved a huge proportion of their services online. This is when diplomats and MFA’s realized that they needed to interact with foreign publics as well as interact with their own nationals and the diaspora.

    Former Mexican Ambassador to the USA, Arturo Sarukhan is said to..

  • WeChat, China’s Weapon of Mass Propaganda?

    WeChat, China’s Weapon of Mass Propaganda?0

    Khun Joy benefits by allowing transactions over 300 baht through WeChat Pay at her high-end souvenir and clothing shop in Koh Samui, Thailand. Many of her customers are Chinese. “Quite often,” she says, they’ll “buy more so they don’t have to use a credit card.” On the surface, it’s a win-win solution. But Joy’s is

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