• Trump — a true 60’s “peacenik”? (updated 2/7, 2/17, 2/26, 2019)0

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  • Soft power as an important structural component of a foreign policy strategy of a state0

    Galina Sidorova, moderndiplomacy.eu
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    The architect of the ‘soft power’ concept Joseph Nye focuses on ‘the ability to achieve the desired through voluntary cooperation, not by coercion or tricks’. The name of the theory and its interpretation are clearly in conflict because voluntary participation may not involve any force, even if it’s soft. Moreover, the author of the theory believes that the power of modern States consists of three parts: military force, economic power and ‘soft power’. However, the author himself claims it doesn’t seem to be simple to combine hard and soft powers in one strategy. The main idea of the concept of Joseph Nye is that it is ‘soft power’ that helps to achieve great results in world politics. A careful analysis of the techniques of ‘soft power’ used by various States in practice, can prove that it is only a kind of power impact, i.e. ‘hard power’. It’s just an ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’.
    “Soft power” is neologism in politic..

  • Rethinking international diplomacy

    Rethinking international diplomacy0

    Andleeb Abbas, fp.brecorder.com
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    Pakistan is facing an economic crunch. Many analysts used the world ICU to describe the state of economy when the new government took over. A patient in an intensive care unit normally requires emergency life-saving treatment. Sometimes patients have to be put on ventilators to keep on breathing. With daily debt payment piling at the rate of Rs 6 billion a day the economy was strangulated with the dreaded 3 Ds – deficits, debt and defaults. The only way out was more borrowing and the normal borrowing channel is friends of Pakistan and the IMF. The friends of Pakistan included China, Saudi Arabia, the UAE. Then resort to the not-so-friendly IMF.
    The pattern may look the same for decades but the strategy looks different. There is a clear reluctance to go the IMF way in a hurry. Two countries, who had admittedly cooled off in the last few years towards Pakistan were chosen to seek support – Saudi Arabia and the UAE. These count..

  • 400 Twitter accounts from ‘foreign networks’ closed since elections called

    400 Twitter accounts from ‘foreign networks’ closed since elections called0

    Yaakov Katz, Herb Keinon, The Jerusalem Post, February 26, 2019
    A senior Foreign Ministry official told the 'Post' that the Foreign Ministry set up a high-level channel with Twitter authorities in San Francisco to facilitate 'ongoing exchange of… data.'
    Image from article, with caption: A 3D-printed logo for Twitter is seen in this illustrative picture
    More than 400 Twitter accounts belonging to at least six different “foreign manipulation networks” trying to skew political opinion in Israel have been suspended since elections were called at the end of December, The Jerusalem Post learned on Monday.
    A senior Foreign Ministry official told the Post that the ministry set up a high-level channel with Twitter authorities in San Francisco led by Noam Katz, the ministry’s deputy director-general for public diplomacy [JB emphasis]. This channel has led to the suspension of more than 400 different Twitter accounts, the official said, since the April 9 election was announ..

  • U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands announces 2019 Small Grant Program

    U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands announces 2019 Small Grant Program0

    Image (not from entry) from, with headline: “New U.S. Embassy in Wassenaar” […]
    The U.S. Embassy The Hague Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce funding is available through the Embassy’s public diplomacy [JB emphasis] grants program.
    Grants are intended for local representatives of civil society, including non-governmental organizations and universities. They support projects to:Enhance International Security, by funding proposals which: counter violent extremism, strengthen NATO and transatlantic security commitment, encourage participation in UN peacekeeping missions, and promote the rule of law.Strengthen Economic Prosperity, by funding proposals which: encourage trade and investment between the United States and the Netherlands, build support for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP), and support entrepreneurship and innovation.Promote Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability, by funding propo..

  • U.S. Embassy in Ghana: 2019 Public Affairs Small Grants Program

    U.S. Embassy in Ghana: 2019 Public Affairs Small Grants Program0


    Image (not from entry) from, under the headline: “US Embassy revokes visas of 71 Students attending UN confab,” Aug 14, 2018
    […]Deadline: 29 March 2019The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in Ghana is seeking proposals for funding for its 2019 Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis] Grants programPublic Diplomacy grants should address one (or more) of U.S. Embassy Ghana’s strategic goals, which are:Improve Governance, Strengthen Democratic Institutions, and Promote AccountabilityPromote Opportunity and Development by Investing in PeopleMaintain and Bolster Peace and SecuritySpur Sustained Economic Growth, Trade, and InvestmentActivities that fall under these goals and may qualify for funding include (but are not limited to):Combatting corruption and strengthening accountabilityEncouraging and supporting the media and civil society (including women, rural residents, economically and politically disadvantaged groups, and youth) to better advocate for improv..


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